Matt  & Dave

The Problem ~

As a parent Matt quickly discovered that washing and drying his children’s clothes would take over his life!  One of his biggest frustrations was constantly finding socks, bibs, jumpsuits, & T-shirts on the ground. This got him thinking and he started talking to his brother Dave about what they could do to resolve the problem.


As Matt & Dave work together, they had the opportunity to discuss their ideas and draw sketches of different designs. Six months went past and they had a concept they believed would work. They approached two industrial designers and then found Andrew Whittaker’s name on Hegs Australia’s website and reached out to him. They arranged a meeting and knew they would all work well together.Then they brought a prototype of their design into HEGquarters and the next step in their journey began.

"Matt & Dave are the epitome of the Australian entrepreneurial spirit."


The Hegs team worked with Matt & Dave to get the product ready for commercialisation.

From a brainstorming session the name Grippie – mini hanger emerged as the winner.

The next stage included packaging design, the sales pitch and then meeting with retail buyers.  


The Resolution ~

Grippie – mini hanger! Two months after a prototype was made, HEGS Australia secured Grippie – mini hanger as a new line with Woolworths supermarkets Australia-wide.

"It has taken hundreds of hours to get to this point and it has all been worthwhile as Grippie – mini hanger is a very clever product that many customers are already addicted to and now have two or more in their home"

Three months after launching in Woolworths, in November 2018, Grippie – mini hanger was recognised at the annual Design Institute of Australia South Australia/Northern Territory Awards. Andrew Whittaker Industrial Design, who brought Matt and Dave’s idea to life, won silver in the Industrial Design, product design category. This win was well deserved for this clever innovation.

Grippie is available for purchase at Woolworths